Reuse Your Jars


Did you know that you don’t have to place our jars in the recycling bin, you can use it for just about anything?

  • Crafts and Gifts – Paint it, fill it will some goodies and a bow! Perfect thank you or just because gift for any one.
  • Bobbie Pins – You know these get lost all the time because you don’t have anything to place them in after you take them out of your hair, why not tow them in a jar?
  • Hair ties – Don’t know about you, but our cats always steals our hair ties, if left on the dresser. Why not place your hair ties in a jar with a lid? Problem solved, right?
  • Paint or water for brushes – Always using a mug or a cup to wash your brushes between paint colors our jars are perfect for your painting adventures.
  • Plants – Got a little plant? Now you got a little pot!

Also our jars are food safe, microwave safe (without the lid of course) and can be frozen as well.

We at New Moon Shop, purposely don’t place strong adhered labels on our jars glass or lids with reuse on our minds, making the reuse process easy, with just having to deal with one removal of extra wax, clean and ready to go!

Removal of left over wax
Soy wax is easy to clean up from jars.
Frozen wax becomes brittle and easy to remove from a container. Start by placing the container in the freezer and waiting several hours. Once the candle is frozen, use a knife to pry it and any remaining bits of wax from the container. Wipe the jar down with a paper towel to clean out remaining debris.

The wash method works best with wax with a low melting point, like soy wax. Use a knife to pry wax from the jar, removing as much as possible. Place the jar in the sink, and fill it with hot water from the tap. Let the jar sit a minute, then, with hot water, scrub the wax off the container.

Now if you wish to not reuse, please still clean out the extra wax in the jar before placing it in the recycle bin, but you just took the time to do that just to place it on the curb side, so why not keep it, you may need it one day!

Happy Reusing- New Moon <3