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It’s that time of year again! Time to put up the Halloween lights, turn on a spooky movie and curl under the covers with a hot chocolate or pumpkin spiced drink. But whats missing? Our Bat Wing soy candle of course!

Bat Wing is a black licorice scented soy candle, with tantalizing base notes of licorice and vanilla, with a top note of cardamom, ginger, and eucalyptus to create a scent that opens the sinus and warms the soul, and a middle note of star anise and nutmeg for that warm fall feeling. Cold or warm temperatures this fall, you’ll love this tingly and inviting scent!

This listing is a limited batch New Moon Shop pre-order only. Ends Oct. 15th 2018, with ship out for all areas on Oct. 20th 2018

4 oz. Candle


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